2.4 Hours of Dual

Since my insurance requirement was 10 hours of dual time with CFIs, then 5 hours solo prior to carrying passengers and I returned to Nashua with 7.6 hours dual in the Cardinal I needed 2.4 hours more dual. Until this morning. The weather wasn’t perfect but with a local CFI I went through 2.4 hours of pattern work at Nashua, Fitchburg (FIT), and one landing at Gardner (GDM).

Right now we still have the crappy weather, a relatively low thin that just won’t burn off. Ceiling were high enough for Gardner but just barely and we needed to do some weaving to get around a scattered layer coming into Nashua. I’m hoping the weather will be better tomorrow. At least the winds were light and it was relatively smooth air. Runway 14 was in use at Nashua which is unusual.

My landings are coming together nicely. Gardner is a much shorter strip at 3000 feet and neither Fitchburg nor Gardner has a visual approach slope guidance system like Nashua does. This didn’t present much of an issue (although I would want the VASI/PAPI approach guidance at night). The flare is still a bit tricky with the Cardinal’s big stabilator. Most of the landings were a bit bumpy but this will improve with time. I did 14 landings today which means I have 28 total in the Cardinal compared to 219 in 172s/RG. They will be quite nice and consistent after 150-200 Cardinal landings and I will be searching out challenging winds for practice.

Next I need to satisfy the five hours of solo time requirement. I hope to accomplish this with a few hours of XC with flights to different airports. If the weather cooperates I might end up doing this tomorrow. I’ll probably do the rest of the solo time on shorter flights (I might even be able to do one after work) with landing practice. I also would like to do the (at least) three solo night takeoffs and landings required to carry passengers at night. I’m quite eager to get these hours behind me so I can share the flight!